A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown Of Derrick Rose’s Devastating Injury

Rose possibly tore his ACL and MCL on the play, which came with a minute left in Chicago’s blowout win over Philadelphia. He’s receiving an MRI soon to determine the extent of the injury.

1. In garbage time, Rose squared up at the top of the key and drove to the basket.

2. Pushing off his left foot, Rose made an agressive cut right.

3. Dude would probably make an excellent long-jumper.

4. It’s here, on the landing, that he appears to sustain the injury, with his left knee buckling inwards.

5. Blame Spencer Hawes? He is right there, after all. DAMMIT, SPENCER.

6. Yep, your left leg should not look like that.

7. Remarkably, Rose somehow shot himself into the air after the nasty landing.

8. Even with what could be a torn ACL, Derrick Rose jumps very high.

9. On the second landing, there’s no hiding the damage. Rose’s knee can’t bear his weight, and he goes down immediately.

10. He had to be helped off the court, maybe taking the Bulls’ playoff hopes with him.

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