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A 37-Year-Old Just Won An NBA Playoff Game With A Move Straight Out Of The YMCA Gym

Andre Miller showing the kids how it's done.

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Andre Miller is a point guard for the Denver Nuggets, who hosted Game 1 of their playoff series against the Golden State Warriors tonight. Miller, who is 37 years old, had a terrific game, scoring 28 points — well above his season average of 9.6.

Photo by Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

The most crucial of those points came in the final seconds. Both teams were neck-and-neck for most of the fourth quarter before Stephen Curry hit this tricky corner three, tying the game.

The Nuggets had about 14 seconds to prevent the Warriors from stealing a win on the road. Miller, who is 37 years old, took the ball down court and drove straight at the basket, greasing it in with a little old-man wile.

Did I mention that Andre Miller is 37 years old? This exact move, coming soon to your local YMCA.

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