5 Fun Facts About LIV, The Club Where Miami Celebrated Their Championship

This place has some history.

1. Mark Cuban racked up a $110,000 bar tab at Club Liv celebrating the Dallas Mavericks’ championship last year.

According to the New York Post, Mark Cuban spent $110,000 in FOUR HOURS at Liv, which is a super-exclusive club in the Fontainebleau Miami hotel. That tab included a $90,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac — Ace of Spades.

2. Gloria James, LeBron’s mom, once got arrested outside after partying at LIV.

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She had an altercation with the Fontainebleau hotel valet, of course, and was cited for two misdemeanor counts of simple battery and disorderly intoxication. According to TMZ: “Hotel sources tell us … Gloria was partying at LIV nightclub with some of her girlfriends earlier in the evening … but when she tried to leave the hotel, she got into an altercation with one of the valet parking attendants.”

3. The heir to the family that built the Fontainebleau (where LIV is located) was murdered by hitmen hired by his wife.

“Narcy Novack, 55, and her brother Cristobal Veliz, 58, were found guilty of charges related to the grisly and fatal beatings in 2009 of Ben Novack Jr., and Bernice Novack, members of the family that built the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, prosecutors said. … Ben Novack Jr., 52, was the son of the man who built the sprawling hotel in Miami Beach in 1952. The resort has provided the backdrop for scenes in films such as ‘Goldfinger,’ ‘The Body Guard,’ and ‘Scarface.’”

4. Jay-Z holds the record for LIV’s biggest bar tab: he spent $250,000 during the Watch the Throne album release party.

Apparently, this Ace of Spades champagne can get really expensive! And Kanye wasn’t even there — who knows what they would’ve spent if he was.

5. And of course, the Heat went hard at Liv last night, racking up an estimated tab of $200,000.

Source: Miami.com

Dwyane Wade wore a “Team No Sleep” t-shirt.

Source: Miami.com

Of course, LeBron wore a t-shirt with a picture of his own face on it.

Source: Miami.com

And LeBron James rapped on stage with LMFAO! Because this IS Miami. (They’re rapping a 2 Chainz song!)

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