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30 "Rejected" Ideas For ESPN's 30 For 30 Documentary Series

BuzzFeed Sports contributor and The Classical founding editor David Roth started a Twitter trend with his fake suggestions for new ESPN 30 For 30 documentaries. I wanted to make a formal offering of some ideas. Call me, ESPN.

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Wilfredo Lee / AP

1. Turning On The Wrights: When The New York Mets Knocked Renewable Energy Out Of The Park

2. Miller's Crossing: The Craft Of Commentary, Presented By Reggie Miller

3. Jurassic Snark: The Tumultuous Career Of Chris Bosh

4. In Boggs We Trust: How A Mustache Changed The World

5. Ride Around Shining: A Caddie's Life

6. Win One For The Goyim: The Priest Who Became Maccabee Tel Aviv's Biggest Fan

7. White Noise: The Post-Jordan, Pre-LeBron NBA

8. The Lyin' King: Exploring The Seedy Side Of Boxing Promotion

9. Go Long: How Howie Handles The High Life

10. Here We Bo: A Baseball Player's Descent Into Bud Light

11. Medicine Man: Brady Quinn's Second Career

12. Zen And The Art Of Art Howe: The Other Side Of Moneyball

13. One Dove: How Randy Johnson Changed The Avian World

14. Burning Down The House: One Sharpshooter's Search For A Home

15. Playoffs And Practice: A Conversation With Jim Mora And Allen Iverson

16. Philmatic: Phil Mickelson On Hip-Hop

17. Bowling For Cooperstown: The Hidden Underground Of The MLB's Lanes

18. More Money, More Problems: The Barry Zito Story

19. Dye Another Daye: Jermaine Dye And Austin Daye Talk Spelling

20. Teemusic: Teemu Selanne's Pop-Star Past

21. In Cold Mud: Wrestling's Dirtiest Circuit

22. Rolling On The River: A Close Look At The World Of Log Rolling

23. Pennington's Place: Playing Quarterback Without An Arm

24. Kicking It Old School: Remembering The New York/New Jersey MetroStars

25. Mr. Relevant: Finishing First After Getting Picked Last

26. McCutchen If You Can: Christopher Walken Interviews Andrew McCutchen

27. Killing Them With Kindness: The Secret Life Of Tim Duncan

28. A Rose By Any Other Name: Following Derrick Rose's Rehab

29. Nightswimming: What Ryan Lochte Taught Michael Stipe

30. P.S. I Love You: How Caroline Wozniack's Won Rory's Heart By Blanking Him On The Court

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