15 Things That Have Happened Since The Knicks Last Won A Playoff Game

The New York Knicks are in year 12 of a playoff drought, which they’ll try to end tonight in Game 2 of their series with the Miami Heat. It’s entirely possible that they will fail, and the Heat will sweep them, and they’ll never win another playoff game ever again ever. In that case, this list will continue to grow.

1. “American Idol” and “Survivor” both debuted.

2. LeBron James won the Division III Ohio state title as a sophomore at St. Vincent — St. Mary High School in Akron.

3. George W. Bush was elected President twice.

4. “Gladiator” won Best Picture.

5. The Knicks have had eight coaches and only one All-NBA player.

6. Every episode of “The Wire” aired. One million first dates ended poorly when the dude would only talk about “The Wire.”

7. Jamal Lewis played his entire NFL career.

8. The Strokes released “Is This It.” And then three more albums.

9. Kobe Bryant scored 29,915 points.

10. Tom Cruise broke up with Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz and then married Katie Holmes.

11. The Vancouver Grizzlies became the Memphis Grizzlies.

12. The first iPod was released.

13. Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in a single season.

14. Four “Harry Potter” books and all eight movies were released.

15. Facebook picked up 900 million users. Mark Zuckerberg graduated from high school.

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