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15 People Driven To Murderous Rage By Fantasy Football Problems

Yahoo, one of the biggest fantasy football platforms, went down earlier today just before the 1 p.m. games. People are not happy.

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People really care about fantasy football. Often, they have money on it. Sometimes, they have a lot of money on it. And Deadspin noticed earlier today that Yahoo, one of the most popular fantasy providers, was having serious problems, preventing users from setting their lineups. In general, people are mad. But some people are really, really mad, to the point where the cold release of homicide seems the only option left. There are a few varieties of murderous rage being caused by Yahoo today.

1. The first group: people who want to murder Yahoo. Which, as a website, is not something that can be murdered, per se.



4. (This guy gets how the Internet works.)

5. Then there are the ones who understand that, though Yahoo can't be killed, the individuals who run it can.

6. Or their families. Chill out, "Saved By The Bell" parody account dude.


8. #GoingCrazy

9. A few people directed their rage inwards:


11. And others aren't really picky, as long as they're able to KILL.


13. Last are the pacifists: they want Yahoo to die, but they don't necessarily want to be the bringers of death.



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