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10 GIFs Of Male Gymnasts Being Superhuman

As far as athletes go, I'm not sure it gets more impressive than this.

1. No big deal, just being a propeller.

2. His day job is working as a cannonball.

3. Rings: "Why oh why have you forsaken us?" Gymnast: "Because I want to do a thing."

4. Strong elbows, strong mind.

5. Fun fact: he actually didn't MEAN to end facing the other way. (Just kidding.)

6. The bar's like, "owwwwwwww"

7. The mat's like, "guhhhhhh"

8. Look ma, one hand! On which I will twirl my entire body!

9. This trick(?) doubles as an amusement park ride.

10. This one can also chop down large trees.