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Posted on Jul 30, 2012

10 GIFs Of Male Gymnasts Being Superhuman

As far as athletes go, I'm not sure it gets more impressive than this.

1. No big deal, just being a propeller.

2. His day job is working as a cannonball.

3. Rings: "Why oh why have you forsaken us?" Gymnast: "Because I want to do a thing."

4. Strong elbows, strong mind.

5. Fun fact: he actually didn't MEAN to end facing the other way. (Just kidding.)

6. The bar's like, "owwwwwwww"

7. The mat's like, "guhhhhhh"

8. Look ma, one hand! On which I will twirl my entire body!

9. This trick(?) doubles as an amusement park ride.

10. This one can also chop down large trees.