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  • America’s Pet Frenzy

    The holidays are the number one time for buying pets, but before you go out to choose your new best friend, take a look at this. While pet ownership is expensive - it costs the same to raise a German Shepard as to buy a German car - Americans would save $2.4 billion if they adopted from a pet shelter. With 4 million of the 7 million animals in shelters due to be euthanized, there are plenty of pets in need. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full infographic on FrugalDad.com.

  • Tobacco Smokes the World

    If you think big tobacco companies have been hurt by the virtually indisputable evidence of cigarettes’ negative health effects, think again. Despite selling a product which will eventually kill their customers, tobacco companies still maintain a 26.7% profit margin, 3 times that of Big Oil, and 2 times that of Big Pharmaceutical. With plenty of money to back advertising campaigns, Big Tobacco has raised a brand new generation of smokers. Click the preview below to see how Frugal Dad breaks down the huge numbers behind the “Big Tobacco” brands.

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