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The Secret Life Of Pets: Working Like a Dog

My dog's time as an executive.

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Ying and yang bum-sniffing with her next door neighbour

Katie Hession / Via Instagram: @kthesh

I was never quite sure what she got up to everyday. From the confines of my own office, I'd imagine her frolicking in the fields or digging holes in the farm. Never in a million years did I think that she was doing the 9-5 too!

School Picture Day

Katie Hession / Via Instagram: @kthesh

When she passed away last year, my family and I were heartbroken - but we weren't the only ones. We discovered that everyday Barbs had been working across the road for a lovely furniture design company. She had a whole other life as an office dog, and none of us had any idea.

Every executive needs a tie!

Lisa Barry

Through my 'Executive Dog', I met the lovely Lisa and Caroline, who acted as Barb's surrogate parents. Lisa shared these photos of Barbs at work with us, and finally we got an insight into our doggie's secret life.

You're late

Lisa Barry

Every morning, Barbs would wait outside Lisa's car and follow her into the office after a round of pets and cuddles from her colleagues. From there, they would start their day's work - but not without a few distractions.

A hard day's work

Lisa Barry

Once the day was over, she would trot back across the pathway to our house, and chill innocently in the garden until we returned to give her more cuddles, and of course, dinner.

Doggie paradise

Katie Hession / Via Instagram: @kthesh

Though my family and I were heartbroken, these pictures made us feel much better and provided lots of laughs. Huge thank you to Lisa and Caroline for being such wonderful employers!

I'm sure Barbs is in doggie paradise now.

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