Definitive Proof That Being A Bridesmaid Is Way Harder Than Being A Groomsman

And not just because we deal with Bridezillas.

1. Bridesmaids have to throw a Bridal Shower…

2. And participate in “ooos” and “aaahs” over presents for 4 hours.

Fox / Via

3. While groomsmen drink beer with the groom. / Via Focus Features

4. Bridesmaids go to 15 dress fittings and get to buy a dress they can “totally wear again.”

Via 20th Century Fox
NBC Universal / Via

6. While groomsmen get measured once and rent a tux that magically appears on the wedding day.

Big thanks to the bride for gifting them their tie and socks so they don’t screw those up.

7. Bridesmaids have endless wedding DIY and crafting nights.

Gotta help the bride achieve her dream wedding on a budget! Plus you get like 239489320 bonus friend points.

8. Meanwhile groomsmen drink with the groom again.

Comedy Central / Via

9. Bridesmaids plan a bachelorette weekend that is scheduled down to a T.

10. While groomsmen show up at a place and look for the 2 Bs: booze and boobs. / Via CW

11. Do you see the pattern here?

12. Bridesmaids wake up at the crack of dawn and spend 9 hours getting ready on the day of the wedding.

Via 20th Century Fox

13. While groomsmen wake up, play a round of golf, drink beer with the groom, and get dressed 5 minutes before they need to leave for the ceremony.

15. Bridesmaids have to walk down the aisle (usually alone) in 4 inch heels that aggressively dig into their feet.

16. While groomsmen stand like statues at the alter and complain their flat, soft leather dress shoes hurt their feet.

Relativity Media / Via

17. Bridesmaids pose like pros for pictures before AND after the ceremony. / Via Time

18. While groomsmen don’t even realize a photographer is there.

19. Bridesmaids are tasked to help the bride lift her dress when she has to go to the bathroom.

Relativity Media / Via

20. While groomsmen are unaware this is something bridesmaids even have to do.

HBO / Via

21. But bridesmaids know the best part about a wedding… / Via 20th Century Fox

22. and no one can say they didn’t earn it.

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