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7 Lessons College Students Should Have Learned From Fairy Tales

Did you know that fairy tales aren’t just for kids? There are just some things that you don’t understand until later in life.

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1. The Three Little Pigs

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At the end of the story, only the brick house that one pig spent a lot of time on and worked hard on withstood the big bad wolf’s breath. The moral of this story is that hard work and dedication always pays off in the end. This lesson is actually incredibly useful in college. Did you know that if you actually study, you can actually achieve an A on your midterm? Whoa, surprising right?

2. Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty sees the Beast not as a terrifying monster on the outside, but rather as a kindhearted gentleman on the inside. The moral of this story is to judge someone by who they are on the inside and not on superficial appearances. This is really important if you plan on finding someone special, because looks will fade while personality will always be the same. Imagine your grandparents. They don’t stay with each other because they find wrinkly skin hot, but rather because they love spending time with each other.

3. Cinderella

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Despite being treated badly by her stepsisters and stepmother, Cinderella remains kind and never gets angry. With a little help from her fairy godmother and animal friends, she overcomes obstacles to go to the ball and meets her prince. The story of Cinderella teaches you to be kindhearted, work past obstacles, chase your dreams, and not be afraid to ask for help. In college, you have to overcome your midterms if you want that competitive GPA for medical school, in order to work toward your goal of becoming the doctor you or your mom have always dreamed of you becoming. And if you need help, don’t be afraid to go to your professor’s office hours. Seriously, they aren’t as intimidating as you imagine them to be. Not only do they offer you some academic assistance, they can also offer you interesting life lessons from the years of experience they have on you.

4. Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood naïvely tells the wolf that she is going to see her grandmother and ends up being eaten by him at the end of the story. The story teaches you to never trust strangers, no matter how trustworthy or charming they may seem. This is especially true in college. You want people who actually want to be your friends, not use you for help with school. You will never truly know someone’s inner nature, so try to develop your intuition of other people’s intentions. Maybe you should ask your mom for help with that. She seems to have this down, especially when it comes to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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The Evil Queen’s jealousy compels her to put Snow White into an eternal slumber using a poisonous apple until the Prince wakes her up with an expression of his love. Snow White ends up marrying the Prince while the Evil Queen’s vanity leads to her own demise. This story teaches you that vanity is not appealing and it is your personality on the inside that really matters. Seriously, a lot of people in college find narcissists to be extremely unappealing. A majority of people are finding that things like a sense of humor, ambition, and passion are extremely attractive.

6. Hansel and Gretel

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Hansel and Gretel are lured with a house made of candy by a witch who intends to fatten them up and then eat them. Luckily, they manage to beat the witch in the end, but the story still delivers a clear message: do not give into temptation. For example, let’s say you want to buy a mouth-watering $10 combo from the Japanese restaurant for lunch and another for dinner one day. If you do that every day of the week, you would be spending at least $140 per week on just food. Don’t forget all the money you will inevitably spend on boba milk tea and Starbucks coffee. That’s insane especially if you factor in that you also have to pay for your tuition, books, housing or gas if you commute, and plenty of other miscellaneous costs. Seriously, you are a young adult now and should be spending money wisely so you don’t have to graduate with unnecessary loans. A good way to cut down on costs is to cook your own delicious and healthy meals which can amount to just $4 per meal. By doing this, you already halve your food cost, while also learning an important skill that could definitely impress members of the opposite sex.

7. The Frog Prince

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Everyone knows the story of when a princess kisses a frog and that frog turns into a handsome prince. This story teaches you that it’s what is on the inside that counts. Even though he was an ugly, slimy frog on the outside, he had the heart of a true prince on the inside. This applies to college too. You don’t want a hot guy or gal who is as dumb as a bag of bricks or has a terrible personality on the inside. It’s boring to hang out with them and gets old really fast. Most people find that a person’s personality is the most attractive thing about them. A person’s passion or sense of humor can be just as attractive if not more than say, a six-pack of abs or a pretty face.

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