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20 Uncomfortably Bizarre Pieces Of Trivia Told By Famous Japanese Bean Dog, Mameshiba

Taking the form of various types of beans, Mameshiba surprises unsuspecting snackers by informing them of awkwardly random trivia...

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2. Black Bean Mameshiba: Did you know that the color of a hippo's sweat is pink?

Watch the video of Black Bean Mameshiba appearing in a Japanese school girl's bento box and spoiling her appetite here.

4. Natto Mameshiba: In French, white asparagus is called "Mademoiselle's fingers".

Watch the video of Natto Mameshiba putting a damper on a woman's breakfast here.

*Natto = a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis.

5. Edamame Mameshiba: The inside of a kangaroo's pouch is supposedly very stinky.

Maybe the most uncomfortably bizarre one of them all...

Watch the video of Edamame Mameshiba quickly ending a man's time at the bar here.

7. Sweet Bean Mameshiba: Mandarin duck couples stop liking one another once their nest is built.

Watch the video of Sweet Bean Mameshiba shattering an elderly woman's idea of romance here. Cruel little troll....

10. Jelly Bean Mameshiba: Koala's appendix is about 2 meters long.

Watch the video of Jelly Bean Mameshiba making a boy reconsider his decision of eating a jelly bean here. Jelly Bean Mameshiba is so cute when he speaks English.

12. Sword Bean Mameshiba: Did you know? In Indonesian, studying is called "belajar." Sounds like "brassiere," doesn't it?

Watch the video of Sword Bean Mameshiba educating a young boy during Naughty little bean....

15. Tiger Bean Mameshiba: Did you know? A canary bird that can't sing will never find a mate.


Watch the video of Tiger Bean Mameshiba irking a woman that's insecure about her dating life here. Bad little bean.

16. Soybean Mameshiba: Did you know? Breast milk tastes different at the beginning of a breast feeding session than at the end.

Never mind. This one wins most uncomfortably bizarre. Just watch the video here...................................... ugggh, the sumo wrestler.......

18. Lentil Mameshiba: An ostrich's brain is smaller than its eyes, so it quickly forgets what it just learned.


Watch the video of Lentil Mameshiba checking up on a boy pulling an all nighter to study here. Lentil Mameshiba does look like Jake from Adventure Time!

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