‘Tis The Season To Be Sleepy: 24 Dads Passed Out On Couches

Forget about Santa, eggnog, and presents under the Christmas tree. This is what the holidays are really about: catching your dad asleep on the couch.

1. 1. This dad fell asleep after 10 minutes of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

2. 2. This dad had to lie down after “Gangnam Style” was explained to him.

3. 3. This dad overexerted himself playing Wii Fit.

4. 4. Sleeping dads: best Christmas present ever.

5. 5. This dad makes a sweet dog bed.

6. 6. This dad makes an even better human bed.

7. 7. Masters of their domain.

8. 8. This dad tried to play with all the toys and couldn’t handle it.

9. 9. Best thing about a sleeping dad? Decorating him.

10. 10. “Wash the dishes? Sure, I’ll be right…Zzzzz….”

11. 11. This dad is just faking it so he won’t have to listen to your Aunt Edna talk about that time her cat did a hilarious thing.

He was there. It wasn’t that hilarious.

12. 12. This dad doesn’t want to hear “Twilight” read aloud to him for the 100th time.

He’s more of a “Hunger Games” kind of guy.

13. 13. This dad thinks your new boyfriend is fascinating, just fascinating.

He’s really glad you brought him home for Christmas.

14. 14. This dad doesn’t mess around.

15. 15. After these messages, this dad will be right back.

16. 16. Like father, like son.

17. 17. These dads are making these dogs very uncomfortable.

19. 19. Meanwhile, these two couldn’t be more relaxed.

20. 20. This dad got his holidays mixed up.

21. 21. All the caffeine in the world won’t stop this dad from catching his zzz’s.

22. 22. This dad makes passing out look classy.

23. 23. No Instagram here, just a sleeping 1970’s dad.


24. 24. …I don’t even know what’s going on here.

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