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    Why Long Distance Relationships Suck And Rule At The Same Time

    Surprise visits are the best, saying goodbye breaks my heart every time

    Travelling to see your S.O / Via

    So you booked your tickets weeks ago, planned the trip months ago. Your calendar is laced with dates of visits to see your S.O and thank the pizza gods because its time to board your train/plane/automobile to see your bae

    Your communication is pretty good / Via

    It has to be. It's literally the only way to have a long distance relationship. Texting, facebook, FaceTime, couple apps, phone calls you name it. Anything to tell your S.O how good your microwave meal for one was and how much you miss them.

    Planning dates

    You have to actually plan dates most of the time otherwise you end up wasting the precious time you have with each other. Ok so maybe some plans go out the window in favour of lying in bed all morning, but give us a break its nearly been a month since we've seen each other sometimes longer for others.

    Work/Family commitments / Via

    Sometimes life gets in the way. You plan out a whole trip together only to find out you need to work and can't go. You both end up disappointed and the whole thing sucks. But that's when the communication comes in and you learn to adapt quickly and make other plans.

    Not being able to comfort each other in person

    One of the worst things in the world is when someone is having a shit time and all you want to do is be there for them, but you can't. It's so heartbreaking when all you want to do is hug someone but they're miles away.

    Inevitable goodbyes / Via

    The goodbye is always looming. Even if you're having the best time ever, you can get hit with a wave of sadness when the thought of having to say goodbye pops into your head. It's the hardest part of the relationship.

    Happily ever after

    It's not all bad though. You both know that one day the distance will be reduced to nothing and you'll be together in a cosy apartment making breakfast together annoying the hell out of each other.

    So the distance can suck it, because you're in love and making it work.