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What Part Of Memes For Days Are You?

This is the strangest group of people to ever be created, but it is amazing none the less.

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  1. What's your major?

    sign language?
    Public Health
    Public Health but I'm also taking real science and hate my life
    International Affairs and #rocks
    former SEAS member now I bool in the business school
    IA and #chinese
    Pub Health with a minor in #spanish #hola
    IA and being a freshman
  2. How willing are you to share your location on find friends?

    Find Friends is the greatest creation ever
    I very reluctantly let people follow my location
    If your friends don't let you follow them then they are #fake
    I don't have anything to hide
    I live in fear of Kate finding me randomly on the streets
    I forgot I even let people follow my location
    I just like to look at where people are!
    I used to let people follow my location then turned it off because I'm sketchy
    What even is find friends
  3. What kind of drunk are you?

    I take on an alter ego called Tammy. Everybody hates Tammy. We don't talk about what she does.
    On the VERY rare occasion that I do get drunk, it only takes me 3 shots #soberfun
    I will not let anybody help me when I'm blackout. Even if it means I will get emerged in the process. I take on an alter ego.
    I only get drunk at ADPi events and it is always a wild ride
    I only drink with my #brothers #rip
    Too busy taking care of all your drunk friends and saving their lives to get drunk yourself
    I only get drunk at Lambda parties and have to be carried home
    Gets drunk and makes so many snapchat stories
    Gets drunk and pukes on bid night
  4. Thoughts on Greek Life?

    I can't talk about my fraternity, but we are very much still alive and well.
    I hate my fraternity
    ADPi till I die!!
    I love chi o and service
    Lol greek life is dumb
    Former sorority sister
    Pi Phi till I die
    I love alt greek and regular greek
  5. How did you meet Cole?

    Roommates forever
    He is my placebo little
    I can't remember when I met Cole
    That's my big
    First time we met we did sporcle quizzes until 4 am
    I randomly pursued his friendship in a sexual way
    I hate this quiz so much.
    He just appeared in my life
  6. What do you talk about most?

    Other people I love to gossip
    My doge
    The South and God
    2 girls who shall not be named
    I will literally talk about anything
    Who are you people
  7. Future family goals?

    A husband but 0 kids
    So many children and doges
    I will only choose a wife for political gains
    "I only love 2 people, and you are not one of them"
    Many adopted children and weird animals please
    I'm gonna be so successful I'll get a trophy wife and have 2 kids
    We'll see where the wind takes me
    #career over #family
    I'll have the best life out of all of you because I'm the best
  8. Thoughts on this group chat?

    I only sometimes read this group message
    Wish I didn't get wrecked by Dylan so much, otherwise I love it
    So who are you people?
    I miss when it was just memes for days
    I still think that Kate is in our history class
    This is the best and worst thing to ever happen to me
    I'm so glad I infiltrated this group chat
    You're all uncultured.

What Part Of Memes For Days Are You?

You got: Sammy Rush

You literally just joined the group chat and are the one who talks in it the most. Are you and Cole dating? Only time will tell. Nobody really knows why you were added to the group chat, but it has created a great new dynamic. You are extremely open about everything that is going on in your life and will talk about your sex life and your new cleanse every chance you get. You always respond and are always willing to bool.

Sammy Rush
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You got: Lisa Ben-Horin

For a while you couldn't respond to the group chat and was just sitting there creepily reading the message. You really only respond to give positive encouragement to people and are probably the most wholesome person in the group chat. You never sleep and are always going to meetings. #FTK. Everybody thought that you were another person who shall not be named for a while and you just went along with it. You just want to hang out with your dog.

Lisa Ben-Horin
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You got: Mark Broeffle

You only speak in this group chat during history class and have never met half of the people in this group chat. You're just a freshman trying to get through your first year. You sleep through your exams and never show up to class, but your life still seems the most together out of everyone in this group chat.

Mark Broeffle
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You got: Dylan Williams

You are abroad so only respond to the group chat at obscure times. Most of the time you only speak to wreck Kate's life for no reason. You always respond that you would hang out even though everyone knows that you are in #nam. When you return in the fall, things will be the exact same because you've been so present in this group chat. Are you even abroad? You are the only one who actually knows everyone in this group chat. You love ADPi.

Dylan Williams
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You got: Chris Spelker

You send really cringe worthy memes and always say the most inappropriate things that make everyone uncomfortable, but the group chat would be nothing without you. You're always trying to bool and eat mozzarella sticks. Wanna link? I'm trying to build. You know very intimate details about Cole's life and never hesitate to share with the rest of the group chat.

Chris Spelker
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You got: Siri Knudsen

Most of the time you have no idea what is going on and have a secret love for Trump. You love Canada more than anything in your life and are basically a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. You always have an ultimate frisbee tournament and can be found at the Lambda party right after. Everyone always makes jokes that you are an iPhone.

Siri Knudsen
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You got: Coleman Dozier

You really secretly hate this group chat because you always get wrecked by everyone. Your past life is always brought up and you're just hoping that 2 people will never find out how often they are talked about in this group chat. You are always looking to get food and always willing to talk about North Carolina and the South. Country music or get out. When you are drunk you literally RUN away from people and refuse help. Everyone lives in fear of "coleman" coming out. You were a fall risk and still wear your bracelet.

Coleman Dozier
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You got: Kate Stangel

All of your worlds have collided and it makes you really nervous. You are often called a "fake friend" and everyone loves to make up fake middle names for you. In the off chance that you squad up in Gelman, you distract everyone from doing homework and do puzzles the entire time. Everyone thinks you're weird and you literally cry everyday.

Kate Stangel
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You got: Nut

You never sleep. You are always up until 4 am due to your jet lag from flying from Thailand over winter break. You can be found sprinting after Cole on the streets or participating in every single sorority philanthropy. You love #service and are always so busy you don't have time for the group chat except during class.

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