The Paternal Stylings Of William Hellmuth As Told Through Nerd Gifs

A Father’s Day tribute in the language he knows best.

1. Being a parent is tough. Real tough.

“I think I’ve broken something.” Like my pride, self confidence, emotional stability, spine…

2. But William does it with sense of calm

He can find moments of beauty in chaos and knows that days of peace are coming, just like them eagles.

3. And he looks good doing it.


4. He still sees me like this..

5. Even when I’m more like this.

All shall have dirty laundry and DESPAIR.

6. He’s always ready to have fun.

7. And even when the day is going horribly…

8. He can still laugh it off.

9. He makes Wendy feel like a superstar..

Even when she’s a little off the mark.

10. He sees Wendy’s cuteness…

11. Even in the midst of a tantrum.

Which happens every day.

12. This is Wendy when she’s around sweets.

Okay, that’s how I act too.

13. But William doesn’t sweat it.

He likes us ladies just how we are.

14. He’s so good at being a dad, I’m all, “How does he do that?!”

Like really…how?

15. Does something need doing?

He’ll get it done.

16. Do you need some comforting?

He’s here for you.

17. Does a diaper need changing?

He’ll do that too.

18. Even when the kid’s stuff is EVERYWHERE, he keeps his cool.

Their toys multiply like Tribbles.

19. Because he likes being a Dad! He finds it exciting and action-packed.

Even if the journey is ….. unexpected.

20. Because if you only live once…

There’s no braver way to live it than being a dad.

22. Thanks Dad!

For helping me become a cool nerd just like you!
Love, Wendy.

And thanks for taking me camping!

I’ll always be your little Reader of Rohan!

25. Thanks honey!

There’s no one who could be a better dad to Wendy and husband to me. I love you so much!


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