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Can Technology Help Prevent Domestic And Sexual Violence?

Every individual now revolves around technology; beginning from high tech equipment that aid one’s childbirth to the life support machines at the face of death and everything in between from education, leisure, entertainment to employment.

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Relevance of technology in the context of sexual abuse and domestic violence

Technology is known to be a vehicle for sexual abuse and domestic violence. The victims are bullied and threatened to believe their secrets would be revealed to the world via the social media, and hence their voices subdued. While the bullies use technology in a negative manner, it can also be thought of in a more positive light as the savior of victims.

Creating platforms

Technology has provided victims with an abundance of platforms to speak up and make their voices heard quickly. Social media, blogs and help groups have stepped forward to support victims. No one is made to feel alone and helpless.

Social media networks and support systems

Current social media, interconnects the whole world via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more which can spread any news and a call for help be heard far and wide, hence the plea is emphatic and the impact it has is more able to persuade authorities to bring justice to victims. As far as the wellbeing of the victims is concerned, help is only a text message or a call away and social support groups are available swiftly.

Digital evidence for prosecution

Technology has incorporated ways to gather digital evidence of crimes by way of audiovisual recordings and graphics.

Though technology may be helpful to raise awareness and help reduce incidence of abuse, as far as victims are concerned technology cannot reverse their tribulation but may just help bring justice to victims and aid in empowering them.

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