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Are You As Fit As You Should Be For Your Age?

A good health is in the top of everyone's wish list. As you age, our skeletal structure gets weak. This is especially seen in postmenopausal women. In order to maintain good health and to improve health, modern day people do a lot of activities such as regular exercise and eating healthy food.

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There are many methods to evaluate the health status and fitness level of a person. But one would be more interested in simple methods to determine the fitness level according to the age. Believe it or not, these methods can be so simple like the time taken to get up from the chair.

Simple methods to evaluate fitness levels according to age

* Twenties

Doing the Bleep test for at least five sessions lasting 40 minutes each every 3 months. Scoring >13 for men and >12 for women is considered excellent.

* Thirties

Fitness can be determined by the time taken to run a mile. Time period of ≤ 8 minutes for men and ≤ 9 minutes for women is considered adequate

* Forties

Step test for 3 minutes and measure the heart rate. Men should have around 90-95 beats per minute and women around 95-100

* Fifties

Sit/rise test. This should be done 10 times. Each completed attempt gets 1 point while each time hand or knee is used as a support, 1 point is reduced and ½ point reduced if you lose balance. The target is to score 8 points or more.

* Sixties

Chair test. A healthy man in his 60’s should be able to complete at least 14 attempts under 30 seconds and 12 attempts or more by a healthy female in her 60’s.

* Seventies

Up and go test. A time period of less than or equal to 12 seconds is considered as adequate for both males and female. If the time taken is more than 20 seconds, it indicates an underlying mobility problem while a period between 13-20 seconds usually indicate a problem with the balance.

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