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Invasion Plans Into Cuba Accidentally Revealed

An unfortunate printing mishap revealed the plans of several major American corporations to invade Cuba using lethal consumerism culture. Worries of Cuban authenticity tragically dying are now rampant among Americans who want to go to Cuba to see Cuba, not another version of America.

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Starbucks' Grande Failure

Starbucks' customers were surprised to read that their macchiatos were immigrating to Cuba, where there really exists no need for comparatively less authentic coffee.

The invasion plans read:


The opening of Cuba for American travel leaves the opportunity for further expansion of the Starbuck Corporation into Cuba. We will begin first with phase of mocha latte integration into Havana, proceeding with subsequent grande frappacinos, varying according to responses from locals. Use of grande important, locals speak Spanish.

Invasion will be for the greater good – after all, who doesn't love Starbucks?"

McDonald's Hostile Big Macs

McDonald's CEO, Steve Easterbrook, publically apologized for worrying customers with the words, "Big Mac Invasion" accidentally printed on French fry packages this week. "We meant that in the friendliest way possible," he clarified, while sweating through his finely pressed button down.

Target under Fire

Protesters finally cleared the streets after an alarming misprint was resolved by the Target Corporation. Released invasion plans read, "Targeting Cubans" instead of what was actually intended, "Target FOR Cubans."

Gap Displays Oversight

Concerned customers at a GAP in Boston this week complained about store signs printed in Spanish and a Cuban flag in the window display. "This was all supposed to go to our new store opening in Cuba," explained a surly teenage employee, as she uploaded a picture of herself to her Instagram feed. It's reported that she is responsible for being oblivious to the store's mistake while arranging said signs.

FAKE campaign for Advertising class

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