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    21 Times Your Mom Was Right About Everything

    The woman knows all.

    1. When she told you to put on shin guards before your soccer game.

    2. When she recommended you read directions carefully before you jumped in to building something.

    3. When she said that someday you'd care about home goods items like bedding and cutlery.

    4. When she yelled at you to put on sunscreen before you went to the beach.

    5. And when she wanted you to put on aloe vera after you got sunburned.

    6. When she encouraged you to brush up on your grammar.

    7. When she warned you about going too fast on your skateboard.

    8. When she told you to spend more time at home because before you knew it, you'd move out and be on your own.

    9. When she articulated how important it is to do all of your chores so they don't pile up.

    10. When she didn't want you to drink too much the night before a big family event.

    11. When she told you to bundle up before you left the house so you didn't catch a cold.

    12. When she advised you stay in on Friday night so you don't get burned out.

    13. When she told you not to stress about the little things because after a while, they wouldn't matter anymore.

    14. When she told you to learn how to do projects yourself around the house.

    15. When she told you to start eating more fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet.

    16. And when she said healthy food doesn't actually taste all that bad.

    17. When she kept your childhood keepsakes because she knew one day you'd want to have them.

    18. When she made you do all of your laundry before packing to go away on vacation.

    19. When she explained how your siblings aren't just your siblings, but should also be your friends too.

    20. When she reminded you that you should prioritize making time for the important things in life.

    21. And when she insisted you wouldn't understand what she was talking about or appreciate her wisdom until you were older.

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