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You Have To Listen To This Awesome Feminist Version Of The Beastie Boys' "Girls"

“They don’t wanna see a girl cakin’ like a millionaire, they just wanna see her eat the cake cuz they don’t really care.”

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Sizzy Rocket, a 22-year-old songwriter, rewrote the lyrics to the Beastie Boys' song "Girls" and made her own original video.

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She's currently signed to Universal Publishing as a songwriter. Rocket co-wrote the Timeflies single, "All the Way" and a song on their album, Yeah.

The artist was inspired by early '90s imagery and neon colors.

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"I love producing music videos and when I recorded the cover I immediately saw it in my head," Rocket told BuzzFeed. "I also took inspiration from the limo scene from Brooke Candy's 'Das Me' video, and Paris is Burning (the feather boas and the sequins). I just wanted it to feel very fun and upbeat. I think the director, Eve Del Prado, nailed it perfectly."

Rocket said she was inspired to rewrite the Beastie Boys song in the shower.

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"I've always wanted to do a statement piece on female empowerment and I saw the opportunity in this record."

Her favorite line in the rewrite is: "They don't wanna see a girl cakin' like a millionaire, they just wanna see her eat the cake cuz they don't really care".

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"Cake here is being used as both a sex symbol (icing can be licked off fingers) and a power object (representative of money) and I think it's important to realize that a woman can be both sexy and powerful at the same time," Rocket explained to BuzzFeed. "Just because you enjoy sex doesn't make you a sex object. That's what the lyric means to me."

Rocket’s version isn’t meant to be a takedown of the original, though.

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"I was never targeting the Beastie Boys with my cover flip," she said. "I love them and I take a lot of my punk influence from them. I tried to keep that attitude in the cover."

Rocket's favorite line in the original song is: "I like the way that they walk, and it's chill to hear them talk, and I can always make them smile, from White Castle to the Nile."

And, over the course of their career, the Beastie Boys produced some pretty feminist work of their own.

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In their video for "Sure Shot" in 1994, Adam Yauch said, "I wanna say a little something that's long overdue, the disrespect to women has got to be through. To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I wanna offer my love and respect to the end."

"Pop music is meant to be universally loved, to connect people and express the human condition whether it be about sex or beautiful women," Sizzy Rocket told BuzzFeed.

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"The beauty about pop is that to the individual listener, it can mean anything they want it to."

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Watch Sizzy Rocket’s full “GIRLS” video:

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