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    Women Are Sharing Stories Of The Subtle Sexism They Experience On A Daily Basis

    The Everyday Sexism Project is celebrating their third anniversary by asking people to share their stories with the #EverydaySexism hashtag. Here's what the conversation looks like on Twitter.

    Earlier today, the Everyday Sexism Project started a conversation about different kinds of subtle sexism that people experience on a regular basis.

    We're celebrating our 3rd birthday &100000th entry today!Help us shine a light on gender inequality by sharing your story of #EverydaySexism

    Laura Bates, a freelance journalist and the founder of the London-based organization, said that she wanted to mark the important milestone "with a concerted effort to raise awareness of the problem internationally."

    "I started [the Everyday Sexism Project] after experiencing several incidents in a short space of time — being followed home by a man propositioning me and refusing to take no for an answer, being aggressively sexually harassed in public, and being groped on the bus," the 28-year-old told BuzzFeed.

    Bates felt shocked when she realized that if the incidents had been spread out, she wouldn't have thought twice about them.

    "It forced me to realize how much I had become accustomed to simply putting up with just because it was part of 'being a woman,'" she said.

    Here are some examples of everyday sexism that women shared on Twitter:

    When "being a girl" is used as an insult.

    "you hit like a girl, man up!" "u run like a girl, man up!" "stop being such a girl & man up!" AND BY GIRL WHAT DO YOU MEAN? #everydaysexism

    #everydaysexism "You're smart. For a girl"

    When people only acknowledge you through another male.

    Me: Made an offer on a house, need an inspection. Inspector: Uh, you buying it yourself or is there a partner I can talk to? #EverydaySexism

    #EverydaySexism Some random bloke apologising TO MY BOYFRIEND for harassing me at the bar. Used to happen often.

    When sexual harassment is *your* fault.

    'you can't complain about it when you dress like you want it' - said to me after a guy tried to feel me up in the street #everydaysexism

    When a 16yr old girl can't sit at a bus stop without being beeped at by men in passing cars #EverydaySexism

    finally opening up about being sexually abused and hearing "i mean he sleeps around a lot... and your skirts are short..." #everydaysexism

    Being shouted at, groped, followed, patronised, underestimated but worst of all not being surprised when it happens any more #EverydaySexism

    When asked what improvement to public transport they want men say a faster service, women say to feel more safe #everydaysexism #MindOpening

    This week I was followed by 3 men shouting 'let's talk about sex baby'. Was told it was my fault for walking that way home.. #everydaysexism

    "You should be happy I didn't take advantage of you when you were drunk. You can trust me." Thanks for not being a rapist? #EverydaySexism

    When it's automatically assumed you want to get married and have kids.

    45 and single man: bachelor that's living life🍻 46 and single woman: lonely cat lady that's not "wife material"🐱 #EverydaySexism

    People assuming I'll one day change my mind about not having children, because all women want to be a mother, obv #everydaysexism

    Constant nosy questions about when I'm going to get a boyfriend, get married and have babies. Who said I want those things? #EverydaySexism

    Ppl praise my husband as he babysits and cooks for the #family. I do the same, and more, without the applause he attracts. #everydaysexism

    When even your career is cause for criticism.

    When I'm polite & friendly to a male colleague and he takes that to mean he can ask me what my bra size is. #everydaysexism @EverydaySexism

    When one of my male colleagues was washing up at work he was told to stop by my boss because that was "a job for the girls" #EverydaySexism

    Just remembered: got told I was: 'too pretty for that' when explaining to a stranger in a pub that I was a lab scientist #EverydaySexism

    #everydaysexism is when your male students think its o.k. to comment on your appearance in the middle of a lesson

    #EverydaySexism I come up with decent idea in meeting - am ignored. Minutes later man expresses same idea - is congratulated on brilliance.

    And when people make wrong assumptions based on stereotypes.

    also the old classic: when the girl orders a burger, and guy orders a salad and it BAFFLES THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT #everydaysexism

    Shop assistant: "what beer does your boyfriend like?" Me: "it's for me" Him: "do you not want something more...ladylike?" #everydaysexism

    #EverydaySexism is telling my male friends about sexism and they telling me I'm "too sensitive."

    Three years after launching, Bates' project has collected over 100,000 entries from women who've shared their stories from all over the world.

    "I really hope these stories will help to open people's eyes to the harassment, discrimination and assault women and girls are still living with on a daily basis ... and I really hope it will help people to reconsider and question the normalized sexism we are all so used to because it is so ingrained," Bates explained.

    She added, "We all have a moment when this sort of thing crosses our paths and we have a choice whether to keep our heads down or to stand up and challenge it. I'm hoping that seeing these tweets might be the catalyst some people need to choose to stand up and intervene."

    To read more examples, check out the #EverydaySexism hashtag.

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