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    Wiz Khalifa Sang Over Adele's "Hello" To Create The Perfect Stoner Anthem

    "Roll one up and let's get high..."

    On Jan. 26, Wiz Khalifa stopped by Power 106 radio station in Los Angeles.

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    The interviewers asked if he could "just write to anything" and gave him a very special beat to rap over.

    Power 106 / Via

    You might be familiar with belongs to Adele's "Hello."

    XL Records / Via

    It only took him a minute to channel his inner-Adele and jump right into the track.

    Wiz turned this beautiful love song into the perfect stoner anthem.

    He even had the perfect title for his remix of the song. Instead of "Hello," Wiz calls his new masterpiece:

    Power 106 / Via

    What a gift.

    XL Records / Via