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    Why Didn't Drake And Steph Curry Invite Us To In-N-Out Burger Last Night?

    We could've been so blessed.

    Last night, rapper and the world's biggest NBA fan to date Drake hit up a Golden State Warriors game in Oakland.

    Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images

    The Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns 128-103.

    Chillin' in the ~Bae Area.~

    Which isn't much of a surprise, considering how he's friends with Steph Curry.

    And everyone in the Curry family, really.

    After all, he is, "Steph Curry with the shot, boy."

    After the game, Drizzy caught up with Curry.

    And even hung out at In-N-Out with Steph and his wife, Ayesha.

    It looks like they had a grand old time eating delicious and affordable West Coast fast food...

    ...And laughing about something that was clearly hilarious.

    The only thing is, why weren't we all invited? Where were our invitations?

    Maybe next time?

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