Do These Set Photos Prove That A "Gilmore Girls" Revival Is Really Happening?

    Back to Stars Hollow we go!

    In October, it was reported that a Gilmore Girls revival was coming to Netflix, and everyone understandably went bonkers.

    No one has confirmed that everyone's favorite fictional mother-daughter duo will be back.

    But more importantly, no one's DENIED it, either!

    But things might be looking up! At the end of December, one Twitter user posted photos of the Gilmore Girls set from a Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

    Helloooooo Miss Patty's Dance Studio!

    There were even signs on some of the props that said they were going to be PICKED UP this month.

    Picked up FOR WHAT??

    Do we spy a construction ladder? Maybe for...updating and reconstructing the set...?

    Collection?? January 8th??? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???

    BuzzFeed reached out to Warner Brothers and Netflix. Warner Brothers declined to comment and Netflix has not yet responded.

    Gilmore fans, let's stay optimistic.