27 Ways You’re As Emotionally Guarded As Drake

“We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together.”

1. You have a history of being heartbroken.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via favim.com

3. So it’s easy to feel jaded and emotionally guarded.

4. You don’t put effort into communicating with others.

5. You keep a tight circle.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via colekessler.tumblr.com

6. And don’t have high expectations.

7. You never let anyone see your true feelings.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via spartin1769.tumblr.com

8. You say things aren’t a big deal when they really are.

Columbia / Via giphy.com

9. And don’t like opening up to people.

Much TV / Via a-lanphar.tumblr.com

10. You keep your walls up.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via segens.tumblr.com

11. And avoid commitment.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via drakeswhore.tumblr.com

12. Logic and reason over everything.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via fucked-up-freedom.tumblr.com

Who really follows their heart, anyway?

13. You value your personal space.

14. It takes a while for you to believe people.


15. You think leaps of faith are overrated.

16. This is how you react when someone says “I love you” before you’re ready to hear it.

17. And this is how you react when people tell you to be more sensitive.

18. You appreciate other emotionally guarded people.

Because they just get you.

19. You’re not a fan of PDA.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via niggology.tumblr.com

20. You don’t feel the need to talk about your problems.

21. Because admitting your real emotions is scary.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via whywelovedrake.tumblr.com

22. You get annoyed when someone wants to talk on the phone until they fall asleep.

OVO Sound / Via wordonrd.tumblr.com

23. And they start to tell you all about their day.

OVO Sound / Via junibie.tumblr.com

24. It doesn’t take much for you to cut people out of your life.

Nickelodeon / Via unlimited-chanel.tumblr.com

25. Occasionally, you’ll feel ALL the feelings since you suppressed them for so long.

26. But then you’re reminded why you stay guarded in the first place.

27. So you go back to your old, defensive ways.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via segens.tumblr.com

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

No feelings, no problems.

Young Money, Cash Money / Via drizzysbaby24.tumblr.com

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