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Watch This Family Be Awesome And Hilarious On Vine

"Fam-a-lam-a-ly, it's my mother, father, brother, and me! What what?!"

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Meet the Eh Bee family.

This father, mother, daughter, and son are pretty hilarious.

They post funny videos on Vine.

And have 289 videos in total.

The Eh Bees also use Instagram to show off their senses of humor.

And have taken their talents to their own YouTube channel.

They have a fairly decent following.

And make spunky parodies.


The Eh Bees also dabble in creating original skits of their own.

The kids are raised on old school hip hop.

And are magical and powerful and awesome.

The dad gives premature driving lessons.

And knows how to get hype.

He also sings songs about how we all really feel.

And has a great time with his kids.

The Eh Bees have an appreciation for Drake.

And aren't shy about their multiple personalities.

They're basically the funniest family on Vine.

Check out more of the Eh Bee family's videos on Vine and photos on Instagram.

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