Tom Sandoval Defends Raquel And Fights With Ariana In The Latest Episode Of "Vanderpump Rules"

    Scandoval was happening right in front of our eyes the whole time.

    Here we are again — another week, another Vanderpump Rules episode to dissect in light of the Scandoval drama.

    The cast of Vanderpump Rules Season 10 in front of a bar

    Let's get into Season 10 Episode 7:

    When Raquel crashes the guys' night, Sandoval asks her, “What the fuck happened?” in Lake Havasu.

    Sandoval, Charli, and James sitting in a bar

    “I was being young and fun and single, living my life, and these girls, like, literally set me up to make me seem like I’m only chasing after guys that they’re interested in.”

    Raquel talking to Sandoval at a bar

    Raquel explains, "Lala goes, honestly Raquel, I’m really concerned about you right now. Honestly, I would never trust you around my man."

    Raquel talking to Sandoval at a bar

    Then Sandoval makes this face:

    Sandoval making a serious face

    “And I said, well it’s a good thing you don’t have one," Raquel continues.

    Raquel talking at a bar

    Then, Raquel makes this weird face, presumably mocking Lala:

    Schwartz comments in his interview, saying he’s impressed with Raquel not being afraid to go after Lala. “It’s kind of hot,” he says.

    Schwartz talking in an interview

    Lala brings a guy home with her in Lake Havasu, who will henceforth be called “The Don.”

    Don and Lala sitting on a couch

    James and Ally go for a tarot card reading, and we learn that Ally hopes to one day be "a full-time astrologer."

    James and Ally in a tarot card reading

    In his interview, James expresses frustration that Raquel showed up to guys' night, and for once, he's the voice of reason. He says, "Raquel’s fucking up not only what I’ve got going on, but she’s fucking up everyone’s relationships. She’s trying to make out with Schwartz left and right, Katie’s not happy about that. Her and Lala in Vegas are toxic as fuck…"

    James talking in an interview

    “...And oh, because it’s, like, ‘perfect Raquel' and there’s no consequences to her actions. Everyone wants to point the finger at me; I mean, let’s point the finger at her for a sec.”

    James talking in an interview

    The Toms have another sit-down with Lisa and discuss the status of Schwartz & Sandy's opening. They also officially tell her they don't want their investment money from TomTom back to buy their partner Greg out — they're going to try and see it through.

    Schwartz and Sandoval talking to Lisa Vanderpump

    Ariana and Katie take a meeting with a business strategist about the future of their sandwich shop, Something About Her.

    Ariana and Katie talking

    Raquel runs into James at Sur, and the two have a quick chat about how Ally isn't too comfortable with James and Raquel hanging out in group settings without being present. "I don't know if she's going to the pool party this week at Tom Sandoval's or not," Raquel mentions.

    Raquel runs into James at Sur

    "I haven't heard about the pool party, though," James says, prompting Raquel to reply, "Well, you're invited. Tom Sandoval told me."

    Ariana and Sandoval host a pool party for all of their friends, and Sandoval seems to be spending quite a bit of time with Raquel.

    Raquel's friend Brad, Raquel, and Sandoval talking and laughing

    While Raquel and Lala are beefing from different sides of the party, Ariana tries to defend Raquel to her friends. She says in her interview, "It's very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea that Raquel is fighting people and being crazy."

    When Katie says Raquel "needs to get her head checked," Sandoval jumps into the conversation and chimes in, "That's unfair. Katie, here's the thing with you: If somebody doesn't have your exact perspective, they're somehow wrong."

    Sandoval talking to Katie

    Then, Katie makes this face (maybe because she's confused why Sandoval is inserting himself in a conversation about Raquel that has nothing to do with him):

    Katie staring at Sandoval

    Ariana responds to Sandoval's comments and says, "Tom, I'm walking away because I'm not doing Tom against the girls thing."

    Raquel eventually joins in on the conversation going on about her. When she walks up to the group, she says, "Lala, literally, like..." and Lala quips back, "Raquel, put a thought together, I know you can do it."

    Yet again, Sandoval is quick to come to Raquel's defense. "Jesus, dude. Can you stop?" he says. "I can't unsee the fucking bully you were to her for no reason. For no reason! To literally flex your fucking power!"

    Sandoval talking to Lala

    Raquel says, "It's because she slept with James while we were together." When Lala tries to say, "You had moved on from that," to Raquel, Sandoval points his finger at Lala and yells, "You have moved on from it. You have moved on from it. She has not; she just got this information fucking two weeks ago."

    Sandoval yelling at Lala

    Raquel says to Lala, "You're a bully. You're fucking pathetic. I don't need this energy in my life. I've learned my lesson with James, and I'm finally learning my lesson with you."

    James asks Raquel a second time to stop bringing him up because he "did nothing wrong," but she reminds him that Lala told her a couple of weeks prior that she and James hooked up at the beginning of his relationship with Raquel.

    Raquel making a face at James

    "Do you understand how it has affected me emotionally knowing that you guys have kept this secret from me for years?" Raquel said.

    Ariana, still defending Raquel, says to Lala, "I feel like I need this to be squashed today."

    Scheana and Ariana talking to Lala

    In conclusion: Raquel and Lala agree that they're never going to be friends.

    "The fact that I'm facing Lala Kent, I love this new version of me," Raquel says in her interview as she...dabs...

    Raquel dabbing in her interview

    Scheana asks Katie to give up her room at the resort she's getting married at in Mexico because apparently the resort is booked, but Katie says she doesn't want to. This leads to tension in the group at large, and Schwartz confronts Katie about it, defending Scheana and calling Katie "emotionally entitled."

    Katie yelling at Schwartz

    Until next week!

    Raquel holding her head