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29 Truths Anyone From A Big, Crazy Family Understands

As told by the Kardashian-Jenners.

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1. When you have a crazy family, things go down a little differently than they do in other households.

2. You get *REALLY* excited when someone you're happy to see walks in the door.

3. And you have your own, unique way of showing your love.

4. It's hard to anticipate exactly what could possibly happen on any given day.

5. And keep up with all the trickery and shenanigans that go on.

6. Because you never really know what you'll end up being surprised by.

7. It's important to stand up for yourself.

8. And trust your gut instinct about what feels right and comfortable for you.

9. Even if it means doling out some tough love from time to time.

10. The crazier your family is, the more fun you ultimately have together.

11. Don't be surprised if someone initiates a confrontation out of nowhere.

12. And always be prepared for a little ~ drama ~ here and there.

13. Be sure to declare your own space and make your boundaries clear.

14. But don't be shocked if your family doesn't respect the boundaries you try to set.

15. Your parents will go to extreme lengths to embarrass you in public.

16. Even if they don't mean it — they can't hep it, they're just being themselves.

17. And your siblings won't EVER miss an opportunity to make fun of you.

18. Some people in your family might come up with wacky nicknames and have bizarre requests.

19. And you may not always understand where they're coming from.

20. But what would life be without a little chaos?

21. Successfully controlling other people's eccentric behavior is basically hopeless.

22. So you just embrace everyone for exactly who they are.

23. Because their quirks and weirder qualities are what actually make them fun.

24. It's important to value individuality and uniqueness.

25. No matter how inappropriate some family members act and how many uncomfortable comments they make.

26. You probably won't be happy with every single one of their love interests and significant others'.

27. But that's only because you love and care about them so much.

28. Regardless, you'll always have each other's backs and stand by your family's side.

29. Because no matter how chaotic life gets, family is always priority number one.

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