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Tracy Jordan's 24 Best Lines On "30 Rock"

"Live every week like it's Shark Week."

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24. When Tracy asked his iPhone to do him a really big favor.

23. And recognized the importance of fashion.

22. When he rejected everyone else's negativity.

21. And tried to ask insightful questions.

20. When Tracy cleverly fooled Liz Lemon.

19. When he advocated for change.

18. And when he wasn't as dumb as everyone thought.

17. When Tracy was honest about his priorities.

16. And when he had a heart-to-heart with Leap Day William.

15. When he did exactly what he wanted to do.

14. When Tracy stood up to the scary sounds of his co-workers.

13. And when he said a good-bye for a long time to Kenneth.

12. When he said what we're all thinking.

11. And had inspirational thoughts about sunsets.

10. When Tracy set career goals for himself.

9. And was honest about his shortcomings.

8. When he insulted Liz Lemon. Kind of.

7. And poked fun at the great state of Florida.

6. When he proclaimed his version of YOLO.

5. And let his important views on the world be known.

4. When he tried to get to know the passersby of New York City.

3. And when Tracy took on some of life's biggest questions.

2. When he reflected back on his childhood.

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1. And when he tried to give a pigeon a pep talk.

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