15 Times You Wish You Had The Sign From "Love Actually"

    To me, you are perfect.

    1. When your Seamless delivery person arrives in less time than they originally said.

    2. When your MetroCard works on the first swipe.

    3. When the barista at Starbucks actually spells your name right.

    4. When you're exhausted but you made plans with your friend and then your friend cancels first.

    5. When the bartender doesn't charge you for your third drink.

    6. When your mom refrains from asking about your love life.

    7. When your Twitter crush finally follows you back.

    8. When your teacher gives you the extension you need on your final paper.

    9. When your Netflix account suggests the most perfect movie to add to your queue.

    10. When you unexpectedly discover there's a Golden Girls marathon on.

    11. When your roommate empties the dishwasher and takes out the trash so you don't have to.

    12. When there's just enough milk left for your cereal.

    13. When your bank account is in that blissful place between depositing your paycheck and paying your rent.

    14. When you thought Taco Bell closed at 9 but nope they're open until 10, baby.

    15. When you go a whole day without seeing an engagement notification on Facebook.