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This Teenage Girl's Instagram Account Is Every Book Lover's Dream

One high schooler is keeping track of all the books she reads on Instagram, and the photos are beautiful.

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Emily Ables, an 18-year-old from Columbus, Ohio, is just like any other high school girl, except she also runs an Instagram account for book lovers with over 40,000 followers.

Ables posts beautiful photos of the book covers and passages that she's #CurrentlyReading alongside short reviews and commentary on her BlueEyedBiblio account.

The pictures are so gorgeous, they're enough to inspire anyone to pick up a book and start reading.

"I had been trying to run a book blog for maybe 5 months before I made my Instagram. My blog was called BlueEyedBibliophile and didn't have many followers, so I thought creating an Instagram would help attract more attention," Ables told BuzzFeed.

"I'm really into photography, it's one of my favorite hobbies, so a bookish Instagram just sounded like a lot of fun."

The 18-year-old said that she started her book-themed Instagram account in September 2013 and it took her about a year and a half to gain nearly 7,000 followers.

But last week Instagram featured Ables on their blog, and the teen said she gained 20,000 followers in that day alone.

Ables' favorite title that she's recently read is Just One Day by Gayle Forman.

"It's a story of a girl named Allyson who spends a spontaneous day in Paris with a boy she just met, and then how she deals with the aftermath of that day for the next year," she explained. "It seems like it's a cheesy romance, but it's actually a beautiful book about self discovery and what it means to finally find yourself."

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater is the book she's most looking forward to reading next.

"It's the fourth and final book in The Raven Cycle, a series that I love with my whole heart," Ables said. "The plot is so unique and intricate, the characters are so special, and all the books are very well written. I'm dying for the last book in the series, though I'm not eager for it to end."

When it comes to reading, Ables prefers to read hard copies over e-books.

"I love to smell the pages of books," she explained. "I love touching the pages and flipping through them, I love seeing how much more I have to read and how much I've already experienced."

Ables continued, "I also love book covers. I know e-books have covers but it's not the same as seeing a cover in person and being able to feel it."

The high schooler said she's learned a lot from managing her BlueEyedBiblio account. Notably, "how to think outside of the box while working within a square."

"While posting pictures of books every day with the same format and way of editing, I've had to get creative with how I compose my photos," Ables told BuzzFeed.

"I also learned that there are so many people in the world that love books like I do and it's been fun and rewarding to make connections with so many of them."

You can check out more of Emily Ables's photos and reviews on Instagram.

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