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    This Selfie Of Milo Ventimiglia Proves He's Still The Hottest Of Rory Gilmore's Boyfriends

    Team Jess forever.

    Since the Gilmore Girls cast has reunited to film new episodes for the upcoming revival, fans have been gifted with some awesome photos.


    Look at all the love.

    And now, Sean Gunn (aka Kirk) has given us the best gift of all — this beautiful selfie of Milo Ventimiglia while they're ~probably~ on set together.

    Seriously, please just look at this man.

    Gunn jokingly captioned the photo that he told Ventimiglia he's Team Logan.

    Ugh, the nerve.

    Luckily, we still love them both!

    Milo also posted this selfie alongside Gunn *AND* Scott Patterson! A Jess and Luke sighting!

    Why are you wearing a tux, Luke?

    The gang's all here!