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This Quadriplegic Artist's Portrait Of Harry Potter Got Noticed By J.K. Rowling

Henry Fraser can only use his mouth to hold a paintbrush, but he doesn't let that stop him.

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Meet Henry Fraser, a 24-year-old living in the U.K.

Never thought I'd ever be interviewed on national radio! What a honour it was! Life on four wheels is pretty awesome!

While Henry was on vacation in Portugal in 2009, he damaged his spinal cord by diving into the shallow ocean. As a result, he's now unable to move his arms and legs, according to his website.

Nearly 6 yrs ago I was drowning unable to move. Just to be able to live, to breathe, to talk is a privilege. Grateful

Now Henry gives inspirational speeches about not feeling defeated, and he also has a tremendous artistic talent.

5 yrs ago today I left hospital, having to learn to 'accept what is' and adapt to life's new challenges. #NeverGiveUp

He creates insanely awesome artwork with a makeshift tool that he puts in his mouth.

My 2nd attempt at mouth painting (unable to move my arms and legs). It's the worlds fastest man @usainbolt!

And calls it mouth painting.

This is my first commissioned mouth drawing! 😃 I was asked to do a mouth drawing of Audrey Hepburn.

Seriously, look at this stuff. It's incredible.

My first ever mouth painting. (Unable to move from shoulders down). The @JonnyWilkinson drop goal.

On July 7, Henry tweeted this "mouth painting" of Harry Potter.

My latest mouth painting. (Only able to paint using my mouth). It's #HarryPotter!

He said that it's his most recent one.

Henry Fraser / Via Twitter: @henryfraser0

It looks like the scene where Harry finally defeats Voldemort for good in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Warner Brothers Productions / Via

And it's pretty freakin' incredible.

Henry Fraser / Via Twitter: @henryfraser0

In fact, the painting is so amazing that it even caught J.K. Rowling's attention on Twitter.

Well done, Henry!

Warner Bros. Productions / Via

To learn more about Henry Fraser and his journey, head over to his website.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Henry Fraser for comment.

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