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This Photo Series Shows The Damage Media Does On How Women See Themselves

"We are so much more than the bodies we live in."

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Sarah Coffman, a 24-year-old blogger, is trying to change the way we think about women and body image with her new photo project called the Line Series.

"As women we try to fit inside of 'young enough,' 'thin enough,' 'pretty enough,' 'nice enough,' 'tough enough,' 'able enough,' without ever becoming 'too much,'" Coffman told BuzzFeed News.


They also drew lines on their body in Sharpie markers — similar to what plastic surgeons would do — to show what these magazines would consider their "imperfections."

"If you look at the cover of any woman's magazine there's three main themes: what can you do for men, learn to love yourself, and how to lose 30 pounds in some ridiculously unhealthy amount of time," Coffman said.

According to the blogger, she was inspired to create the Line Series because of how she's been personally affected by the portrayal of women and women's bodies in the media.


"Often times you'll hear women call each other fat or sticks or slutty, which not only gives men the permission to treat us the same way we treat each other but it gives permission to the media to treat us that way too."

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