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This Is The Perfect Instagram Account For Real Life Book Reviews

“The subway is a literary microcosmos."

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Uli Beutter Cohen is a communication coach who recently moved to New York City and in her spare time, the 33-year-old started the Subway Book Review, a collection of photographs and interviews from random New Yorkers about the books they love.

"Before I moved to New York City a wise friend told me, 'Don't ask what New York can do for you. Find out what you can give to New York.' That made me keep my eyes and heart open when I got here."

When Cohen started to ride the subway, she would see commuters reading a variety of different books and decided to interview the readers about them.

The writer keeps track of all her Subway Book Reviews on a website and she also posts the photos on Instagram.

Cohen said she thinks Instagram is the ideal social media platform to share and talk about visual projects.

"It's great to have a visual archive of the book reviews, too," she explained. "Subway Book Review is a little bit like a virtual bookshelf in that way."

"The subway is a literary microcosmos. It made me very curious to find out who these people are, what they are reading and why."

Since starting Subway Book Review, Cohen's been able to learn about new titles and pieces of literature that she didn't know a lot about. and has learned that talking to strangers every once in a while broadens your perspective.

"My Mum instilled in me that talking to strangers is very important because you never know who you'll meet," Cohen said.

"I believe it's true that an unexpected conversation invites an awesome moment into your life."

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