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    This Is The Last Letter A Florida Man Wrote Before He Was Executed

    "If indeed this event of murdering me will help you to heal...I do not begrudge you your closure."

    On March 20, Robert L. Henry became the fourth person to be executed in the state of Florida this year.

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    In 1987, Henry was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for beating two women with a hammer and setting them on fire during a robbery. After his appeals were rejected from the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court, Henry was injected at the Florida State Prison on Thursday night.

    This was his final statement, in which he criticizes today's capital punishment laws by noting that at one time, slavery also used to be legal.

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    Here's a direct transcription of Henry's letter:

    "Final Statement

    by Robert L. Henry #607497

    To the innocent women of my crimes, Mrs. Phyllis Harris and Ms. Janet Thermydor, their families, friends, and communities, I sincerely apologize for my devastation to your lives and for the grief, loss, & pain that I have caused. And if indeed this event of murdering me will help you to heal or feel better because it is the law, I do not begrudge you your closure.

    I apologize to my loving family, loyal friends, and their communities, for having made you as well innocent victims to my crimes in all of your equally real, devastation, grief, loss, & pain.

    Hopefully in the not-so-distant future, this society shall truely evolve in its laws & practices, in that, if we are not a society whom are comfortable with castrating and raping rapist, and we do not chop-off the hands of thieves well then, why would we continue to be murderers to those whom have murdered. Many would argue, that is the law, and my counter would be, so too was slavery...'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.'

    I thank both wardens of Union Correctional & Florida State Prison and their staff for their professionalism throughout this death warrant process...without further ado: 'I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord & savior, He shed his blood on the cross at a place called 'the skull,' for all our sins.' Therefore, I willingly forfit this life for a better life that he offers us all.

    End of statement."