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This Guy Hilariously Photobombed Jay Z And It's Everything

Jay who?

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Last night in Miami, Beyoncé kicked off her Formation World Tour and has already slayed our whole lives.

Frank Micelotta / Parkwood Entertainment / Getty Images

(Seriously, it was something else.)

Instagram: @dazzlinggia

Jay Z was indeed present, as were a bunch of other rappers and hip hop icons.

DJ Khaled / Via

Yo Gotti, who performed during DJ Khaled's opening act, took a photo with Jay before the show started.

Yo Gotti / Via

As did Rick Ross.

Rick Ross / Via

But there's something more important going on in these pictures...

Rick Ross / Via

...see what I mean?

Rick Ross / Via

This guy standing in the background is literally the best thing about these photos. YOU CAN'T MISS HIM!

Yo Gotti / Via

Check out that epic side-eye.

Yo Gotti / Via

Sorry, Jay. But this man totally stole your spotlight.
Yo Gotti

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