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This Documentary Proves That Muggles Play Quidditch Best

"It's actually better to be seen as a little weird and be happy than to not be the person you are."

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And even the trailer has us excited:

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The film is called Mudbloods, which is originally a derogatory term in the Harry Potter series.

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"Over the course of shooting our film, we discovered that UCLA team captain Tom Marks was jokingly called a Mudblood by his brother because he started the non-magical sport of Quidditch at his school," Farzad Sangari (director) and Eric F. Martin (writer and producer) told BuzzFeed. "However, rather than shy away from the original meaning of the word, Mudbloods came to represent real-life Quidditch players in a unique and appropriate way."

"The reappropriation of this word distinguishes a group of fearless, resilient individuals with the audacity and imagination necessary to take a fictional game from a book series and make it real," they continued.