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This Couple Was Married For 63 Years And Died On The Same Day

“They lived just ordinary lives, but you get closer and start looking, and you realize that what you thought was ordinary was very extraordinary."

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This is Barbara and Bob Pettis, two Oklahoma residents, on their wedding day in September 1951.

Courtesy of Heather Warlick

“They weren’t all ‘smoochy-woochy, touchy-wouchy,’ but in their voices and the way they looked at each other, you could see their love," one of the couples' sons, Clay Pettis, told “Just in the little things.”

After 63 years of marriage, Barbara died on June 30. Bob, who was also in the hospital with pneumonia, died just eight hours later on the same day.

Courtesy of Heather Warlick

“I don’t believe in coincidences, and I didn’t sit down and tell Dad that Mama was gone. But I’m sure he knew. Just knowing them, you wouldn’t be surprised that Dad decided to check out, too," Pettis continued.