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    This Couple Is Traveling The World And Getting Married On Six Continents

    Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt are aiming to have 38 weddings in 83 days.

    After Cheetah Platt, 30, proposed to his girlfriend, Rhiann Woodyard, 32, last year, the two struggled with deciding on one specific theme or idea for their wedding.

    "After lots of discussion, we decided we didn't want to choose," Woodyard told BuzzFeed.

    So on Feb. 8, the couple packed two big backpacks and flew out to Bogota, Colombia, to start their three-month journey, where they would have 38 weddings in 83 days.

    "When we were looking at prices for a traditional California wedding, they were so expensive and nothing felt special," said Woodyard, who lives in Los Angeles.

    "A lot of women spend a whole lot of time and stress and money on their one day, and then it's over," she continued. "I love that I get to marry [Platt] over and over again. It's exciting that it's not just done in one day."

    Through budgeting and research, the couple said they were able to find 'round-the-world flights landing in 11 countries for less than $3,000 per person.

    The couple met in 2013 at a partner meetup for people who practice aerial, acro, and pole arts.

    "I had on cheetah-print pants, so as he walked by, he said, 'I like your pants.' We worked on a couple things together, and as I get in my car to leave, Cheetah invited himself into my passenger seat and we talked all night," Woodyard said.

    "We basically haven't parted since then."

    Both Woodyard and Platt got ordained from the church of Spiritual Humanism online so they can perform their own self-unifying ceremonies.

    And when they get home, one of their family members is also going to officiate a ceremony. That's when they'll file paperwork for their marriage to be legally recognized in the state of California.

    So far they've been to Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, India, and Thailand.

    They're planning to get married on every continent except for Antarctica, because according to the couple it was too expensive.

    They committed to wearing all white for their entire trip (except when they went on a safari) and are also wearing the same outfits during every single ceremony.

    Even though Woodyard and Platt are traveling alone, they've been posting pictures on Facebook so others can follow their journey.

    "Every day we come back to the hotel after another amazing adventure and see tons of comments and responses, people liking our photos and talking to us, and sending us messages and good wishes," said Platt.

    "I feel like there are more people sharing this wedding with us than if we had rented a single venue for a single day and tried to invite everyone in the world that we knew."

    While their friends and family are following along online, they'll also be invited to one of the multiple receptions the couple plan on having back in the U.S.

    "When we get back to America in April, we're going on a motorcycle trip and doing many, many ceremonies in national parks in the western U.S., and at one of ceremonies our entire family is going to be present," the groom continued.

    Then, on May 2, the newlyweds will have a big party back in Los Angeles where they'll eat cake and show their close friends and family photos of their trip.

    "A lot of people say you should travel with the person you're going to marry," Woodyard said. "We get to learn about each other every day more and more, and I love that it's brought us close."

    "I knew this was going to be the most incredible wedding experience ever," Platt added.

    "It was exactly what I wanted, to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and again in so many different ways. That was perfect for me."