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This Hilarious Children's Book Is Actually For Adults

"Words in a different cultural context mean different things, and we shouldn't get too hung up on them."

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Elissa Blount Moorhead, a writer living in Maryland, authored the book alongside illustrator Meltem Sahin because P is For Pussy is the kind of book she wishes she had when she read children's stories to her own kids.

"When my oldest child was young I went out of my way to search New York City and beyond for books that didn't also lull me to sleep," Moorhead told BuzzFeed.

Courtesy of Elissa Blount Moorhead

"I wanted looked for books that had sophisticated illustration, design, funny ideas and also concepts that would entertain her and hold my interest. After jokingly re-writing an alphabet book of hers with adult concepts, it become clear to me I had to create the book I wanted to see."

The writer said she enjoyed collaborating with Sahin because they "shared a non-American, non-normative, and feminist view."

Courtesy of Elissa Blount Moorhead

"There were references that I used in the book that highlight words from the Black lexicon, the hip hop lexicon, and the feminist lexicon," Moorhead explained. "I hope that some of these inside jokes and winks will be enduring for audiences and communities that I love and that love me."


The author told BuzzFeed that she hopes parents get a chuckle out the book, and also realize that, "kids can be completely innocent and visually sophisticated at the same time."

P is for Pussy is on sale now. Check out the trailer for yourself:

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