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11 Things You Should Know About Michael B. Jordan

BuzzFeed had the chance to chat with the actor. Here's what he told us.

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2. Michael B. Jordan read comic books growing up.


"I'm a big comic fan, cartoons, anime...I took this character (Johnny Storm, Human Torch) and this film very seriously because it's a piece of my childhood, it's a piece of me, so I really wanted to do it justice and do a good job."

3. And has a favorite superhero. Kind of.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

"It's hard to pick, I'm a fan in general. I'm a fan of the X-Men, but I'm really just a big fan of Marvel and a fan of DC Comics."

4. Jordan is working with AXE to introduce the brand's new Dark & Gold Temptation fragrance.

AXE / Via

"I mean honestly, I never wore AXE a lot up but now they've actually developed a new line and it really just plays into things that I like. It was something that I could get behind and there's the added fact that they gave me the opportunity to co-direct the commercial I'm in, which is something that I always, always really wanted to do. It was a win win for everybody, it just worked out perfectly."


5. He even has some temptations of his own.

Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images for Axe

"I would say the first thing is food, I'm a fat kid at heart. I love food, I think the best way to me is through my stomach, and that goes hand-in-hand with a woman that can cook. Another temptation that comes to mind is women, and then of course fashion: clothes, shoes, jackets. I'm pretty big on that."

6. He knows that in the past, AXE commercials haven’t always represented women in the best light.

Axe / Via

"I think with anything, over time a brand must evolve and evolve with the times and the people that they're appealing to. I think this is the next evolution of AXE, the AXE brand, the people that they're trying to appeal to, the market, and I think this commercial stands up. I think it really appeals to both men and women. It's not just putting females as the subject; we're showing what tempts guys as well. You never know, in the future you might find a commercial with a girl putting on some spray and then she has a bunch of guys running after her. I think now they're definitely going in the right direction."

7. Michael's favorite part of working with AXE was playing a role in co-directing.

Tasos Katopodis / Via Getty Images for Canon

"As a director I had to answer more questions. It's a lot of cooks in the kitchen — you have another director, you have the brand that was there, you have the marketing agency that was there, and everybody's doing their job, so learning how to collaborate and work together with everybody going for a common goal, and then to see that product put out there, it looks great and fun. I feel really satisfied and accomplished."

8. In fact, he seems to have caught the directing bug and wants to keep doing it.

Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images for CinemaCon

"Literally, I think I'm hooked now. I'm actually looking for a project or something else to direct in the near future. You're definitely going to see a lot more directing from me."


9. He's been paying attention to everything going on in Ferguson after Michael Brown was killed.

Significant Productions / Via

"For me, it's really rough to verbalize my feelings because it's kind of self-explanatory. Me playing Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station was a very personal project, so that was my way to express myself and how I feel about how African-Americans are treated by law enforcement. That was my homage to that. And the fact that these incidents keep happening means it's not even just about Ferguson. There's Mike Brown, Eric Garner, another young black man shot in Texas, and every day forward. It's happening all the time."

10. And thinks a big change is important.

Significant Productions / Via

"I think it's unacceptable and I feel that something has to be done. Do I have all those answers? I don't have them. In my own way, I'm just trying to do work that can possibly get people to start thinking differently. So, that's my part in this process."

11. When it comes to work, he doesn't plan on taking a break any time soon.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

"I'm training right now to play Apollo Creed's grandson for the Rocky Balboa spinoff movie, so I'm training and boxing and working on that. I'm really excited about working with AXE and developing a relationship, and also just growing as an artist and as a person in general."