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    12 Things That Haven't Changed For Women Since The 1960's

    On Feb. 19 1963, Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique, a groundbreaking piece of feminist literature. We've made strides in the past 51 years, but some things still haven't changed for women.

    1. The wage gap.

    2. Limitations on reproductive rights.

    3. Household responsibilities.

    4. Expectations around marriage.

    5. Women are also expected to have children when they're young.

    6. But most companies don't offer paid maternity leave.

    7. Female CEOs are few and far between.

    8. Unrealistic beauty ideals.

    9. The Miss America Pageant still exists.

    10. Advertisements are still extremely sexist.

    11. LGBT-identifying women lack equality.

    12. There still hasn’t been a woman president.