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22 Things Picky Eaters Are Tired Of Hearing


1. "Why can't you just eat it?"

Bravo / Via

Why can't you just leave me alone?

2. "Do you even like food at all?"

VH1 / Via

YES I like food, I just like certain *kinds* of food.

3. "Stop being so immature and childish — grow up and eat better."

Focus Features / Via

Being a picky eater doesn't mean I'm acting like a child, it means I'm making the grown-up decision to do what I want.

4. "Don't you want more to eat than that?"


If I wanted to...then I would.

5. "Eat it or they're going to think you're rude."

AMC / Via

Don't you think THEY'RE rude for serving me something I don't even like in the first place?!

6. "But you *always* pick the restaurant!"

Netflix / Via

If you always like the food where we go, then what's the problem?

7. "Why can’t you find anything you like on the menu?"

FremantleMedia Enterprises / Via

Why can't the menu have anything I like?

8. "Did you look on the children’s menu?"

Universal Pictures / Via

Maybe I did.

9. "You do realize you can't always eat the same thing, right?"

NBC / Via

Why not?!

10. "There's no way you're getting enough nutrition in your diet."

Columbia Pictures / Via

My body hasn't failed me yet.

11. "Really? You just want your pasta plain?"

Netflix / Via

Yes. I. Do.

12. "Vanilla is the WORST flavor, it’s so boring."


You're the worst flavor. You're so boring.

13. "You should try this!"


Thanks for the pro tip, but I'll just stick to what I like.

14. "Are you sure you don’t want to try it?"

PBS / Via

Yep, I'm sure.

15. "Come on, it’s good for ya."

Disney / Via

I really don't care.

16. "Just try it!"



17. "You really need to broaden your horizons."


Isn't that for me to decide?

18. "It’s important to expand your taste buds."

Nickelodeon / Via

My taste buds like what they like, I can't help it!

19. "Don’t poke at that."

OWN / Via

Don't you have anything better to do than watch me eat?

20. "Stop picking around, that looks gross."

Warner Brothers /

Why do you think this is any of your business?

21. "Why don’t you like food?"

Fox / Via


22. "There's nothing more annoying than a picky eater."

NBC / Via

Wrong — there's nothing more annoying than someone who doesn't get the struggles of picky eating.

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