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19 Things High Schoolers Are Tired Of Hearing

My problems ARE real problems.

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1. "You're just idealistic because you're young — wait for reality to set in."

2. "You're too young to be in love."

3. "Dating in high school is a waste of your time."

4. "Do you know where you're applying to college?"

5. "What are you going to major in when you get to college?"

6. "You should really start thinking about the kind of job and career you want."

7. "How are you studying for the SATs?"

8. "Did you finish all of your homework yet?"

9. "These are the best years of your life."

10. "Shouldn't you try harder to get into AP classes?"

11. "You'll know what I mean someday, when you're older."

12. "Put your phone down — there's a whole other world out there besides the internet."

13. "You don't really know what you want, yet."

14. "Should you really be wearing that?"

15. "You need to be more responsible and stop goofing off all the time."

16. "Those aren't real problems — you don't have to worry about anything serious."

17. "Relax, none of this drama will matter in five years."

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18. "Your friends now won't be your friends forever."

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19. "The decisions you make are going to affect the rest of your life."

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