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These Illustrations Will Speak To Anyone With Anxiety

"It feels empowering to make something out of a blank sheet of paper, and it makes people happy in a way that nothing else does for me."

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"When I graduated, I realized that I had a lot more anxiety and no classroom structure to make me paint, so I picked up my sketchbook again and remembered how much I loved it," Griffin told BuzzFeed.


"Drawing pictures of a cartoon me drowning in weird abstract goo with my arms flailing is how I feel inside some days, but when I draw it, it becomes more acceptable somehow," she said.

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"People can understand the emotion for what it is, but it's more lighthearted when it's a drawing."

"I think people are deeply happy and relieved to see that they're not alone in feeling super overwhelmed," Griffin said, "Or feeling silly for feeling the way they do, whether that's ridiculously happy or ridiculously sad."