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These Heartwarming Photos Will Make You Believe In Love

From one photographer who walks around New York City and takes pictures of tiny, beautiful moments of love.

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Julia Xanthos, a 36-year-old Brooklynite, has been a photographer at the NY Daily News for 10 years.

And in addition to her work for the paper, Xanthos also takes pictures of happier scenes around New York City for her personal Instagram account.

"As a news photographer you aren't always seeing the beautiful parts of the city. You see a lot of sadness and grit," Xanthos told BuzzFeed.

"Facing your camera at people when all they want to do is look away."

"On my daily walks I try to find the simple beauty in the city, things that bring a smile to my face," she explained.

Xanthos specifically takes photos of happy couples and young people she sees around New York who look like they're in love.

And she uses the hashtag #YoungLove.

"Once I began seeking the couples embracing around the city I slowly started to realize how precious our relationships are with everyone around us," she said.

"I focused on finding bits of love around each corner, in the subways, and on the park benches."

"I began to fall in love with this great city all over again."

Here are 24 more photos of #YoungLove in New York City:

21. You can follow Julia Xanthos on Instagram to see more of her photos.

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