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These Couples Got Engaged At The Central Perk Pop-Up Shop And It Was Adorable

"The One With All the Engagements"

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After dating for seven years, Jeffrey asked his girlfriend Lauren to marry him on *the* orange couch.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

"She's the biggest fan of Friends that I know," Jeffrey explained. "She watches it 24/7. She watches it before she goes to bed...a day does not go by when she doesn't reference something from Friends."

"All my life I never thought I'd fall in love with my best friend, and then you came along and this has been the happiest seven years of my life," Jeffrey said as he got down on one knee. "I love you."


Watch the video of Jeffrey's proposal to Lauren at Central Perk:

Another couple, Sal and Sylvana, also made the pilgrimage to Central Perk last weekend and decided to get married after dating for more than four years.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

"Everything about her is perfect. She's everything I ever wanted," Sal said. "I couldn't think of anything more perfect. Her favorite show is Friends. She's obsessed with Friends."


And here's the video of Sal and Sylvana's engagement: